2015 Entries

Tenderly Blue
First Place 2015 Contest Winner

A women walks into a vintage fashion store, and when she tries the clothes, she disappears into an imaginary world of music and dance.

"Tenderly Blue" by Evi & das Tier; "When the Moon" by Evi & das Tier

Rhythm Oil
Second Place 2015 Contest Winner

It's just another day at the train station until the needle hits the victrola and two traveling salespeople show up with crates of Rhythm Oil in tow.

"Scofflaw" by Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners

I Charleston Belo Horizonte
Third Place 2015 Contest Winner

A short movie done by the BeHoppers group in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), depicting our beautiful city, as a part of the "I Charleston the World" project.

"When You're Smiling" by Swing Till You Drop; "What Did I Do (An Ambiguous Love Song)" by Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven


A botanist studying in the area of the Manhattan Project has a lab accident, giving her visions of jazz dancing.

"Glenn's Idea", "Uptown Jump", & "La Fantome de Saint Bechet" by Glenn Crytzer

I Charleston Hamburg

A sailor visits Hamburg for the first time and, after finding his true love, decides to stay forever.

"Don't Go 'Way Nobody" by the Boilermaker Jazz Band