2012 Entries

Swing, Brother, Swing
First Place 2012 Contest Winner

This video tells the story about two people who meet and hang out together in Ghent. They have a bond because of swing music, authentic Jazz Dance, the people and it's awesome energy and atmosphere.

Music: "Swing, Brother, Swing" by Willie "The Lion" Smith (music licensed by De Gentse Hoppers for this contest)

Baby Can Dance
Second Place 2012 Contest Winner

A glorious romp through the streets of New Orleans: from the abandoned Six Flags Amusement park to the balconies of the Marigny, and the streetcars along St. Charles Avenue. Music video for Carsie Blanton's Baby Can Dance, from her 2009 Album, Buoy.

Music: "Baby Can Dance" by Carsie Blanton

The Dance Party
Third Place 2012 Contest Winner

Two bored boys meet fun girls at the cafe and girls invite them to go to the swing dance with them. Turns out that this is one of the greatest parties they have ever been to.

Music: "It Don't Mean A Thing" by The Airi Allvee Combo

A Gal From Jump Session
2012 Contest Entry

Two lonely employees pursue their love despite the disapproval of their unimaginative boss.

Music: "Tuxedo Junction" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet, "Parc On Summit" by Glenn Crytzer and His Syncopators

Smokey Joe's Holiday
2012 Contest Entry

Russell Bruner, Sugar Kane and crew dance swing time to the Stolen Sweet's song Smokey Joe's Holiday.

Music: "Smokey Joe's Holiday" by The Stolen Sweets

The Grand Ole Swingout
2012 Contest Entry

Christian's hot pursuit of Jenny quickly becomes a fumblin' love quadrangle (at least from their points of view) in this wacky fourth short from the folks at Nashville's Jump Session).

Music: "Fumblin' Around" by Glenn Crytzer & His Syncopators

It Ain't Right
2012 Contest Entry

Love turns sour for a young lead when he realizes his dancing sweetheart has caught him in an abusive relationship.

Music: "It Ain't Right" by The Careless Lovers

Lindy Buddies
2012 Contest Entry

Two troublesome buddies try to find a perfect dance that will fit their life of craziness.

Music: "Won't You Come Out and Play" by Bria Skonberg

S.O.S. (Sea of Swing)
2012 Contest Entry

In this wacky adventure short film a dying castaway's fortune suddenly changes. But the flamboyant rescuers become a greater obstacle to his homecoming than he ever anticipated.

Music: "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" by The Careless Lovers

Chinatown Strut
2012 Contest Entry

A Chinese Lion takes on a brazen rival in an Electro Swing showdown.

Music: "Chinatown Strut" by Good Co.

The Big Bang
2012 Contest Entry

In "The Big Bang!" two hot and bothered lovers desperately seek a dark parking space. She's in the mood; it's his lucky night. Something is going to explode...

Music: "That's How Rhythm Was Born" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

Immortal Lindy Hop
2012 Contest Entry

Two Seattle Dancers dancing with passion and love of Lindy hop and makes it immortal!

Music: "Lucky Devil" by Bria Skonberg

Dance in My Shoes
2012 Contest Entry

Christian and Jenny need to see their dancing from their partner's perspective to ease the friction.

Music: "King Porter Stomp" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

Adventures in Paradise
2012 Special Presentation

Ready for a vacation, Alex and Madeline fly to Hawaii for an adventure of a lifetime!

Music: "Almost Like Being in Love" by Bria Skonberg