2010 Entries

Limber Lock Boogie
First Place 2010 Contest Winner

All was quiet and bland at the Limber Lock Care Facility. The perfect stage for a bit of mischief and dancing.

Music: "Emperor Norton's Hunch" by The Big Bang Jazz Band

Swing Set II: Union Station Runaways
Second Place 2010 Contest Winner

Five girls on the run discover Seattle's historic Union Station.

Music: "Rockin' in Rhythm" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

2010 Special Parody Presentation

The famous Lindy Hop scene from Hellzapoppin' can't be done better. But it can be re-done.

Music: Selection from the movie "Hellzapoppin'"

European Jazz Dance
2010 Contest Entry

Andrea and Marsha filmed their dancing in every country they went. Neither wind nor rain nor freezing temps deterred them from dancing in every city and country they visited.

Music: "Shine" by The Big Bang Jazz Band

One O'Clock Jump
2010 Contest Entry

It's one o'clock in Washington, D.C. It's time to jump. It's time to dance.

Music: "One O'Clock Jump" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

Will You Dance With Me?
2010 Contest Entry

Someone finds a sign, people dance.

Music: "Swing That Music" by The Big Bang Jazz Band

Big Apple Contest
2010 Contest Entry

A Big Apple Contest!

Music: "Big Apple Contest" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

Karate Chop Lindy Hop
2010 Contest Entry

Choppin' and Hoppin'.

Music: "Potato Head Blues" by The 51st Eight

Why I Dance (and Why You Should Too!)
2010 Contest Entry

Lindy Hop Autobiography by Cheryl Crow.

Music: "Shine" by The Big Bang Jazz Band, and "Darktown Strutter's Ball" by Cryzter's Blue Rhythm Band