2011 Entries

Black Coffee - The Careless Lovers
First Place 2011 Contest Winner

On his way to work one morning, a man senses the allure and potential of his day as he sets out to get a cup of coffee.

Music: "Black Coffee" by The Careless Lovers

Quiet Please
Second Place 2011 Contest Winner

A quiet day in the library is interrupted when a patron is inspired by a book on dance. He travels through the library inspiring all of the other patrons and is pursued by the security guard.

Music: "Rachin' in Rhythm" by Crytzer's Blue Rhythm Band

Big Apple Contest/Hard Times Hit Parade
2011 Contest Entry

Hard Times Hit Parade is a show that was written and directed by Kat Single-Dain in collaboration with the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. It was set in a dance marathon in 1933.

Music: "Big Apple Contest" by Maria in the Shower

Lindy Spoof
2011 Contest Entry

A spoof of previous years' contest entries: Mexico Dreaming, Office Blues, Limber Lock Boogie, and Lindy Bomb. Comedy with a twist.

Music: "For Dancers Only" and "Good Bait" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet, "South" and "Creole Love Call" by The 51st Eight, and "Won't You Come Out and Play" by Bria Skonberg

The Dancing Man
2011 Contest Entry

"The Dancing Man" is a quirky, creative remake of the classic chase scene in the 1949 film "The Third Man". The music video is completely vintage inspired; featuring some sweet, swingin' music, a little lovely Lindy Hop, some tributes to film noir and a small element of classic silent film humor!

Music: "Rose Room" by Crytzer's Blue Rhythm Band

Why We Dance
2011 Contest Entry

This video highlights the reasons people dance, from Athens, Greece to San Francisco, California. Quotes from dancers are shown between clips of Lindy Hop and swing dancers social dancing, competing and performing in various cities and venues, mostly on the West Coast of the US.

Music: "Big Apple Contest" and "Shiny Stockings" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

Hope of Lindy Hop
2011 Contest Entry

A young, shy boy, who is dreaming of becoming a Lindy Hopper in Seattle, wakes up with only a kiss from a pink monkey!

Music: "Love is Just Around the Corner" by The Blue 4 Trio, and "Shorty George" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

First and Last Dance
2011 Contest Entry

Just when you thought it was safe to go on the dance floor...

Music: "The Hatchet Man (Chop Chop)" by The Blue 4 Trio