2009 Entries

Spread the Rhythm
First Place 2009 Contest Winner

There's a new face in town, and he's not leaving until this city is hoppin'.

Music: "Seven Come Eleven" by The Big Bang Jazz Band

Tiger Rag
2009 Contest Entry

This video started as a camera exercise to test out the company's new crane. We got a bit carried away and... well, here is the result.

Music: "Tiger Rag" by The 51st Eight

The Swing Set
2009 Contest Entry

The Swing Set girls from Summit K-12.

Music: "Panama" by The 51st Eight

Office Blues
2009 Contest Entry

A bored office worker slips into a fantasy ballroom after seeing a beautiful new co-worker for the first time.

Music: "Creole Love Call" by The 51st Eight, and "Weary Blues" by The Big Bang Jazz Band

Lindy Bomb
2009 Contest Entry

What is a Lindy Bomb, you ask? As these dancers demonstrate, it is the fine art of swing dancing on a less conventional dance floor. The more dangerous the better.

Music: "South" by The Big Bang Jazz Band

Mexico Dreaming
2009 Contest Entry

Reading a travel book on Mexico, a man has a dream about doing the Charleston at many different ruins in Mexico. Then he wakes up.

Music: "Wildcat Blues" by The Big Bang Jazz Band