2013 Entries

One Girl and Two Boys
First Place 2013 Contest Winner

Two suitors pursue one lady, in this jazz video. One in a tux, a bartender, and another in a khaki suit, a military man. Unfortunately, the lady is in turmoil for she fancies both of the two men equally! Who will she choose?

"One Girl and Two Boys" by Mint Julep Jazz Band

The Killer Diller
Second Place 2013 Contest Winner

The Killer Diller.

Music: "Queer Notions", "Bizet Has His Day", and "The Mooche" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

The Jazz Dance Alphabet
Third Place 2013 Contest Winner

Toe Tappin' Swing and the Calgary swing dance scene came together with the help of Harry Papavlasopoulos to create a fun and entertaining music video that they hope you will enjoy. Titled The Jazz Dance Alphabet it encompasses the friendly and fun nature of all of the Calgary dancers. See if you can name all of The Jazz Dance Alphabet!

Music: "Rainier Valley Rhythm" by Glenn Crytzer

New Year Blues
2013 Contest Entry

Blues dance at the old theatre.

Music: "New Year Blues" by Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators

Harlem Airshaft
2013 Contest Entry

This piece was inspired by Duke’s description of his composition: “So much goes on in a Harlem Airshaft. You hear fights, you smell dinner, you hear people making love…Jitterbugs are jumping up and down, always over you, never below you…” Seems like it’s the same - even in a Singapore Airshaft.

"Harlem Airshaft" by Echoes of Ellington

2013 Contest Entry

This is a stop motion film. Colour digital pictures were individually edited to create a street-art style aesthetic and strung together as a film. Completely edited in GIMP and Paint by Maida with some original art included with the photographs.

Music: "Muskrat Ramble" by Emily Asher

King County Stomp
2013 Contest Entry

King County Stomp, produced by Darren Gardner and Skylar Boggs.

Music: "Egyptian Fantasy" and "King Porter Stomp" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

"The Bro" Cool and Steady
2013 Contest Entry

3 cool Seattle Lindy Hopping dudes doing what they do best.

Music: "Rainier Valley Rhythm" and "Ten 'Till Five" by Glenn Crytzer and His Syncopators

Rubber Duckie
2013 Contest Entry

Bal time fun during Bath time fun!

"Rubber Duckie" by Josh Hou and Andy Short

I Charleston Galway
2013 Contest Entry

As part of the I Charleston the World project, dozens of dancers from all over the Europe and beyond took to the streets of Galway in celebration of an almost century-old dance craze!

Music: "Django's Tiger" performed by I Saw Stars

On the Beat
2013 Contest Entry

A lady detective sees two robbers getting away from a crime scene and takes them down with Mauy Thai, Kenpo, Charleston and Lindy Hop!

Music: "Bizet Has His Day" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet

New Orlean's Bum... [p]
2013 Contest Entry

When a hobo wants to get into the hottest dance spot in town, he must mess with the mob and prove himself to The Boss.

Music: "New Orleans Bump" by The Solomon Douglas Swingtet